Sally Ranney, President

Sally Ranney has dedicated her life to protecting the genetic archives of the planet, securing conservation custody for millions of acres of wild places in the Western US, Alaska, Chile, Argentina, Africa, and Canada. Her experience spans thirty years within the private and public sectors in land, water and energy policy, biodiversity and wildlife protection, and in promoting solutions to climate change. A Resource Policy Analyst for the Wilderness Society, she co-founded American Wildlands and served as President for twenty years. She has worked closely with several US Presidents and members of Congress and was appointed by President Reagan to serve on the “Presidential Commission on Americans Outdoors.”

Ms. Ranney is Co-Director of the International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative (IWECI), President of the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI), CEO of StillWater Preservation, LLC, a private, Colorado-based wetlands mitigation banking company, and President of Rising Wolf International, a specialized consulting group. She is a member of the Global Advisory Committee of Women and the Green Economy (WAGE) and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). She sits on the boards of numerous organizations including the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI), the Sonoran Mexico Jaguar Project, and Lighthawk. Sally is the anchor for ‘A Matter of Degree’, a TV pilot program and internet broadcast focusing on climate change.

Sally is a seasoned speaker and has presented at various conferences such as TEDx Denver, participated on a panel with Governor Ritter at the Biennial of the Americas, and has spoken at the American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Summit for the past five years including in 2010 when she moderated a panel with Ted Turner and James Cameron. Internationally, Sally moderated a panel in 2011 at the World Climate Summit in Cancun at COP-17 with Ted Turner and Richard Branson and participated as a panelist at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in South Korea in September, 2012.

Sally has received several awards, including the Horace Albright Award/U.S. National Park Service, the Meritorious Conservation Award/ International Wildlife Foundation, ‘Who’s Who in the West’, and Steward of the Future Award/Earth Guardians. She is a U.S. trainee for Al Gore’s Climate Project and delivered a TED talk.

Jack O'Connor, BOD

John J. O'Connor, Jr., has over 42 years of experience as a practicing attorney.  Prior to law school Mr. O'Connor attended graduate school majoring in zoology and physiology and working as a laboratory assistant.  Prior to that time he worked in Los Angeles California at the Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology in the research department.
Mr. O'Connor's legal practice first began in Lincoln Nebraska were he worked for a law firm in the Labor Law Department.  He then spent three years in Chicago working for the American Bar Association as the staff attorney for the Special Committee of Environmental Law. In 1974 he moved to Colorado and worked for AMAX in their Environmental Legal Services Department.

After passing the bar he left AMAX and established an environmental law firm with a partner who was the founder of the Rocky Mountain Center for the Environment.  Their first major client was Vail Associates who hired the firm to assist in obtaining the required permits for establishing the Beaver Creek ski resort.  After a two-year political battle Vail was permitted to build Beaver Creek.  Soon thereafter his partner departed and over the next few years Mr. O'Connor built a firm with a concentration on natural resources law.  After a number of years Mr. O'Connor became a sole practitioner to concentrate on providing legal advice to nonprofit organizations, private foundations and small startup businesses. He continues to represent many of the profit and nonprofit businesses he has assisted over the years, including the Island Foundation who he has represented since 1975.

In 1996 Mr. O'Connor became interested in a concept of natural wastewater treatment through the use of constructed wetlands and he devised a fully sustainable method to cleanup wastewater. He established EcoCom, Inc. and worked in Mexico, Venezuela and the United States promoting sustainable natural wastewater treatment concepts for a number of years. He has since retired from that endeavor.

Currently Mr. O’Connor is the Executive Director of a small Public Charity, The 854 Y Street Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that he established in 2004.

Mr. O'Connor holds a Law Degree and a Master of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska.

Rio de la Vista, BOD

Ms. de la Vista works with local, regional, and international nonprofit organizations, land management agencies, community groups and committees, and landowners to achieve land, water and habitat conservation and restoration, agricultural viability, and community sustainability. With the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust, she is the co-coordinator for the Rio Grande Initiative, a broad partnership of conservation organizations that has doubled the pace and achieved over $40 million in conservation along the Rio Grande corridor in Colorado since 2007.   She also serves as the Vice-Chair and Environmental Representative for the Rio Grande Basin Round Table and as Vice Chair of the Rio Grande Natural Area Commission (BLM). 

Under the auspices of her company, Shining Mountain Land Services, she also works to develop and implement methods for enhancing land health (with a focus on rangelands) in ways that increase both water and carbon sequestration on a large scale. She is the co-author of the eco-novel “The Oglin: A Hero’s Journey Across Africa Towards the Tomorrows” with Dick Richardson of South Africa.  Ms. de la Vista was honored to receive the 2011 National Wetlands Award for Conservation and Restoration from the Environmental Law Institute in recognition of her work in the San Luis Valley. 

Justin Ranney, BOD

Karin Evans, Program Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Karin is Executive Assistant to Sally Ranney and serving as Program Coordinator at eraGlobal.  For the last several years Karin was focused on Wilderness protection.  Serving as Administrative Director for The Wilderness Land Trust, she assisted in protecting over 250,000 acres of Wilderness throughout the Western United States and completed 10 Wilderness areas and as a result removing the threat of development and the destruction of our public lands.  Karin is the Program Coordinator for the Carbondale Soccer Club, a volunteer educational organization dedicated to advancing the game of soccer among youth players and promoting sportsmanship, individual skill development, knowledge of team play and fostering a spirit of community involvement.  She is the mother of four wonderful children and resides in Carbondale, Colorado.

Susan Winters, Website Designer and Digital Manager

She has extensive experience in business management since 1975 serving as VP of Jaguar Yerba Co, an herbal import company, owner/ operator Raincoast Color, a commercial photography company with clients that included the Canadian Broadcasting Company, owner/ manager - More or Less Whole Foods, a bulk natural food store with a festival catering extension, owner/operator/manager - Sue Winters Photo Tours (now Sedona Photo Tours), Sedona, AZ, owner / designer - SageTurtle Design, a custom website design company. Sue brings professional digital photography, and organizational and management skills to eraGlobal and its strategic alliances and projects.